Water People

The Water People of Ayeron are numerous and scattered, living on everything from floating raft cities to scattered islands and archipelagos. Their capital city, Karrigul was built on an island of coral, and careful cultivation spanning centuries has formed ornate waterways to, from, and through the city.

Other notable locations include the raft city Tipal and Sapphire Island, named both for its jeweled exports and its beautiful lagoons.

Most of the Water People live on what they can forage from the seas or limited island chains, and it is not uncommon for young people to build their own raft or boat and set sail as soon as they reach adulthood. The adventurer’s life is a draw to many, symbolizing a path to wealth that is rarely seen among a people who rarely aspire to material goods.

Of those who master magical arts, affinity with elemental spirits of water, storms, or sea animals is common. Many take up the mantle of Sorcerers, Shamans or Druids; the careful study necessary for wizardry is uncommon, and psionics are even rarer, with most lacking the time for self-reflection and meditation that is the hallmark of the Way. Those utilizing martial prowess are also common, with the tensions rising in favor of a war with the Fire Lands to the north.

Scattered ruins in the areas, whether above ground or underwater, tell of a civilization that vanished centuries ago. They also hold wondrous artifacts of the past and unspeakable dangers, and are a source of bedtime fright tales for youngsters or motivational symbols for adventurers.

Water People

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